Garlic Press Stainless Steel


  • High Quality & Easy to Use
  • Preserves Flavors & Oils
  • Perfect Garlic Pieces Every Time
  •  Easy to Clean
  • Great Gift for Kitchen Heroes
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    No need to press hard on the presser. The high-quality stainless steel keeps the garlic press sharp. Due to the specially designed holes in the press, the garlic is not really pressed, but cut into very small pieces. In seconds you have pieces of garlic that are perfect for using in a dish such as pasta sauce, risotto, or scampi in garlic.The garlic remains extra tasty thanks to the Micro-Slice Technique. The garlic won’t oxidize, and you can add it to your dish right away. This way you get maximum flavor and healthy properties! No more unripe chunks of garlic because they’re too big. All garlic pieces are completely uniform, so you can make any dish perfect!

    Hold the garlic press under the tap for a few seconds and wipe off. So it is clean and ready for use. You can also easily put it in the dishwasher.This Cuisinly Garlic Press is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. In no time at all, you can add as much garlic to your dish as you like. If you order now, you will also receive a unique Garlic Peeler & Cleaning Brush for FREE!


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