kitchen knives Set With Block


  • High Quality Blade Material
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • Super Sharp Blade
  • Ergonomic Rosewood Handle
  • Trustworthy Quality
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    HEZHEN hammered series kitchen knives are made of 73 layers powder steel (14Cr14MoVNb).As the internal element crystals are uniform and consistent during smelting,so the knives are manufactured reliably with its sharpness and uniform texture.It is more durable and sharp than traditional Damascus steel and VG10.With traditional craftsmanship, handed sharpening and vacuum cryogenic heat treatment, the Rockwell is as high as 62°- 64°.The angle of edge is 15°per side so suitable for both of right and left hand.The hammered surface reduces the stickiness of ingredients on the knives.Made by high quality super carbon Damascus steel.After plasticized, compressed and heat treated, it improves the thickness to protect the core steel, and enhances the sharpness. The blade steel is treated deep freezer in liquid nitrogen to improve hardness flexibility and corrosion resistance.

    Selected natural rosewood and mosaic brass rivet meeting the requirements of human engineering.You can control the cutting safely and comfortably.HEZHEN is committed to pursuing the fun of knife colliding with ingredients. We promise 100% quality assurance.If there are any problems with our items or services,please don not hesitate to contact us.Whether you are an apprentice chef, cooking master, or home chef, you can take HEZHEN knives home.


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